The Lighthouse

Perched on a rocky outcrop, cast on the most desolate destinations, stand the lighthouses of this world. An old chunk of coal, whispering through the great ocean winds about times when the world churned with blacker gunk, tossing and turning in a malaise of growing pains. Even in the face of such obvious hazard, men […]

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Mind the Gap

All the washed up rubbish and dying dreams of withered men tell a story about the infamous gap between the train and the station. It’s a maxim that drones itself into your skull through persistent savagery, preached by people and robots alike. In a transcended sense the utterance becomes internalised as a dire warning to the […]

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The River

I have not gotten around to scribbling down my thoughts in ages because so much has changed and it takes time for change to become something malleable, something worth sharing. Life is full of twists and turns. We assess and manage the area that we can see but around the bend the specter of the […]

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Economic models are constructed on the phenomena of scarcity and for good reason. These systems have been developed through time and have propagated themselves due to their superiority and the inability of other systems to match their ingrained reflection of the human psyche. See, scarcity promotes the valuation of an object or a skill due to […]

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2016 – Dragon power

With a final swing, Gabriel hacked the dragon’s head from its impractically long neck. He stood back expecting a final, fatal, gurgle of bubbling blood and mangled moans. However, the severed neck nonchalantly arranged itself in a spiraling display, bringing the disappointingly magnificent head of the beast to rest at the top of the said spiral. […]

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The Rascal

In time we walk many pathways, so much that the weathered sandals wrapped around our humble feet become so scruffy that even falling asleep becomes another labour. Along the road emerges a persistent awareness of an inexpressible desire that naturally wishes to manifest into the our ideology of freedom. Freedom remains a subjective idea, loosely defined […]

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We like to define life in abstract terms. “Life is a cycle, life is an ongoing transformation, life is both the sunrise and the sunset”. There is truth in these statements, but not in a literal sense, because in a literal sense these statements don’t mean anything of tangible worth to you. We want so […]

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