All man are the same except for their belief in their own selves, regardless of what others may think of them

Keeping up to date with your calendar gives you the beneficial supremacy to delight your people by remembering their precious birthdays. Thus I had no idea a very good man was experiencing the powerful repercussions of his unavoidable aging. Fortunately some bonds are thicker than memory, held together by a gluey substance life gives off when you’ve indulged in various badly planned endeavours. Such is the potency of some connections that it is best to scribe it on the digital as to inspire future generations, quench the thirsty, feed the malnourished and bring large scale enlightenment.

The world as we know has every opportunity to be a dreary affair, a marriage of the bleak and unhappy. Once every blue moon a conquistador arises to challenge these perceptions. To slash through the darkness, to uphold the good among the vile. I have had the fortune to know such a man and have the distinct dapper to tell you about such a rare blooming.

Too easily do we allow compromise, yet this is a manner of man that allows both compromise and flourish. As if he plays from the same flute of Musashi, emitting a harmonious melody among the wild thunder. Of rigour he knows much, able to focus the mind to superhuman athleticism. If only Hercules were here to marvel, he would surely cast aside his seat on Olympus to return a student. Immense dedication crafting personnel enrichment. Exposure to such a flame will invoke in mortal man the yearning to improve. Able to speak of the truest personal artistic ideals and then sit by the fire with good ale. Where will you find the like?

Together we have grown into good age. I salute the manner in which you have approached life. I salute the way in which you have treated your friends. I salute you for the kindness you have shown me. I hope you find what you deserve.

Fuck yeah friendship and fuck you birthdays and .

Classic indulgence. Hiking on the morning of the worst floods to hit the Western Cape in years and warning me of a puff adder I walked over. If it weren’t for those sandwiches this might be an eulogy.
Going for walks after heavy nights has become something of a theme. Hoping that one fizzles out…
I consider myself something akin to an expert route scouter. Surprisingly, we’ve landed in some hair-raising situations. After the above venture I have been unable to walk properly for 7 months and our man shown has been contemplating 4 plate deadlifts.

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