You wanna leave home as much as possible, to tap into the spirit of comradery and modernised beat culture that underlies all wandering. It’s easy to bemoan the advent of modern gizmos piercing through the immersion of what used to be an isolated experience, but our current incarnation removes the strenuous use of smoke signals to organize your posse. Which is handy when you decide to only work half-day Friday and sneak out of the city before it starts spewing cars like that time I had diarrhea in the summer of ’96.

Our excitement levels take a turn for the better once we hit the open roads, the car stuffed with bicycles, wetsuits, fishing apparatus and enough fire wood to survive the next ice age. We arrive hours before our host, only to commandeer the fireplace and settle into an easy groove. In time our numbers grow, the house opens up, the beers get cold and the night grows old. A reminder that those twisty roads take us places that tempt the spirit to shake free and roar, because “what could possibly go wrong?”


It’s time to ride bikes and chew bubblegum… and I’m all outa gum


Wild & peace


Arniston gives access to a gorgeous piece of coastline


South coast sight seeing


Among the wild flowers


Count Canola


Serenade me another time, senorita


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