Excitement is to modern life as the arrow was to Achilles. Over large stretches of earth machines have taken man away from the land and reinvented him as a sophisticated keyboard monkey. Smashing away with nonchalance, perpetually chasing the joy ignited by those first 10 minutes on the abacus. Chasing joy twists itself into a cycle of ever dulled spontaneous action, a slow matrimony of comfort and the lust for the plush life.

Therefore excitement pierces the illusion, brings us back to the place we are and opens up extensive avenues of intensely satisfying fun. Maybe it shows how sterile we have become that people do increasingly loony acrobatics to get that satisfying kick out of the juicy heart of life.

There is an easy flow available when adventure is never far away, for each of us a different degree of excitement will suffice. It’s the wind through your hair, the sun on your face and the good earth under your feet. Once the phobia towards discomfort is indulged, the world catches fire with possibilities.
Cause and effect, if you land hard enough on a flat tire it will actually shred off your rim and let you enjoy the soothing itchiness of a grass slippy-slide while reapplying your tire.
Repair, refocus, observe and re-attempt.
Simplicity, with a panache of buoyancy.
I invested my youth below these cliffs, aqua boarding through the seasons, and they will repay me even when I am only an echo.
We grew up ramping our clunky bikes in neighbourhood parks. It’s not always easy to smack that mound of earth with the speed you need, but when you do make sure you don’t recreate my hunchback poise. Style is essential.
I’ve always wanted to clear this road-gap. It looks fucking pitiful in the picture, but oh so satisfying.
Trails cycled are as follows:
  • Meerendal – The trails are spread out over the farm (Meerendal) in the Durbanville hills. It’s definitely an XC orientated setup, with some interesting single track criss-crossing over a fairly barren hillside. If you are in the area and looking to gain some fitness it should satisfy, but in terms of technical riding and geographic displacement it doesn’t do too much. There are some fun features, the best being the drop pictured. Permits are R30 and it’s good value. I’d recommend you ride it if you are in the area or a race organizer gives you no other option – not worth a weekend expedition.
  • G-Spot – An old school trail built by some enthusiastic locals. It’s basically a 5 minute sprint down a gloriously fun trail above Dalsig, Stellenbosch. It is a bit of a stand alone feature in the area, but you can link up your ride with the singles in Eden or the new cross country track built by Stellenbosch University above Coetzenburg. Definitely worthwhile if you are in the area and it’s free, good for a weekend when you factor in the trails around it and that Jonkershoek is right around the corner.

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