The Prancing Pony

Whither do you go weary traveler? Why not lodge at The Prancing Pony? That’s what I am feeling, some outlandishness to mesh with my optimism. Aren’t we all looking out the window, hoping Gandalf comes rushing from the bushes, bellowing something about running to some offbeat border tavern? Well, maybe a weathered old man smelling […]

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Wines 2 Whales

The Wines 2 Whales¬†events take place during the first week of November. In mountain bike circles it is referred to as a casual event, due to not being too ‘strenuous’. Luckily no one really believes cross country riders and their warped realities. I’d like to say I competed in the event, the reality being that […]

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There is an ebb and flow to all things. A surfer knows that some waves cannot be surfed when the tide is wrong, better to wait than crash on the rocks. The tide journeys with the moon as it circles in and out of sight. Let the surfer be your reminder that nature follows its […]

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