There is an ebb and flow to all things. A surfer knows that some waves cannot be surfed when the tide is wrong, better to wait than crash on the rocks. The tide journeys with the moon as it circles in and out of sight. Let the surfer be your reminder that nature follows its own course. It will herald the seasons, our birthdays and lives as it finds the time.

In the meantime, go visit some mountains, the perspective you gain will be valuable.
‘If a man goes on dancing forever, the dance will kill him. If a man goes on singing forever, his song will become a madness. The dance also needs rest, the song also needs rest’ Osho
‘Great star! What would your happiness be, if you had not those for whom you shine!’ Zarathustra
‘Without life there would not be any love. Life is an opportunity: the soil where the roses of love blossom’ Osho

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