Black Wing

Virtually no conclusive evidence suggests that I have been to the benefit of you. Therefore, I have created a virtual world, an intertwined spider web that surrounds the earth and fires pulses like the synapses nature build your brain. I have not created anything novel, that you have not created with me. We have forged […]

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An interesting phenomena, to me, is to try and verbalize excitement. That subtle sense of spine tingling that makes you aware of all the decisions you have made to bring yourself to wherever you are, and despite all of that it still wants to propel you forward with enthusiastic abandonment. That captures a slice of […]

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I went for a stroll on the wild side with the local feral lads. This entailed minimal planning and random catcalls from my side, having a guardian angel hike organizer who brought us the gift of dehydrated future food, a wine connoisseur with a penchant for immense snacking without the snacks to back up his […]

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Hallo sweet, ball busting heat. After the long winter months froze my memory banks I forgot that it was possible to lounge outside, produce vitamin D and display my SUP prowess during daylight. Spring causes a tepid trickle, a defrosting of the outer grey matter, until the real heat burns out the permafrost. WHAM, you’re […]

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Had a bundabash to celebrate my free time. As the pictures show, it’s incredibly easy to move yourself into the mystique of South Africa. This is a country that wants to give, that wants to resonate with you once you move into it. Yes, it’s unyielding, with folds upon folds of ragged mountains squeezed against […]

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