I went for a stroll on the wild side with the local feral lads. This entailed minimal planning and random catcalls from my side, having a guardian angel hike organizer who brought us the gift of dehydrated future food, a wine connoisseur with a penchant for immense snacking without the snacks to back up his hobby and an industrious new age mate who can’t be stopped with a life threatening flu. Our hardy crew was humble, witty and prone to lord of the rings parodies.

Fortunately the collective effect of the above is that we were cruising on day one, during a summer’s day not to dissimilar from the climate of mars, in fairly good spirits. Nothing is nearly as intimate a feeling as burning under the African Sun (it’s special) and seeing the massive Theewaterskloof Dam in the distance. Coupled with the rhythmic waddle that walking with a backpack induces, the human mind becomes a minefield of hallucinations and psycho babble.

Yet we persevered against the luscious licks of sunstroke, overcoming virtually no hardships that weren’t self induced, to bask in the serenity of solitude. It was my first day of holiday and what better way to crush the mental fluff of working life? Open countryside, a bunch of laughs and respite for the spirit. I often refer to my job, rather affectionately, as a cage or box. In earnest, until I figure out and learn better ways to live, it is nice when hard work allows a modicum of freedom. In such instances the ‘system’ proves it wants to work, but often the way it works is merely to the favour of a few. Idealism friends, let’s see where it goes.


The boys cruising on the ‘early’ morning hype. Like Alice’s yellow brick road, we had our own white stone road – hazardous and physical.


If the valleys can’t stop ya, what can mate?


Bruising heat? Just hardens the resolve, still plotting along like veteran trackers.


In hindsight we should have noticed the suspicious speed of the trail blazers on day 1, like tireless hares, gaining ground on every stone. Someone alert the hiking doping commission…


Taking walks into the wild is a give and take dance. The physical effort to move ourselves into the hills is repaid by the freedom and space into which to express.


Day two, myself and our resident flu conqueror played catch up to the lung busting pace set by the trail blazing duo. Driven to manic delusion by the frantic pace, we somehow managed to completely lose our way on a mountain side that has only a single path to follow. We resolved the situation, undeterred, and completed the expedition. With our bodies walked into the ground we put together our minds and realised that only a 10am beer could bring us salvation, and thus we were saved. As such, we shall return to mother nature another day.


Give the mornings the same love you give evenings.


The trailblazers make, what seems, an innocent adjustment to their backpacks. Moments later they were gone. An incredulous look best captures the emotional state.


Checking the snaps makes it difficult not to smile. The essence of those age old mountains return home with us.


I love a river swim and this one could not come at a better time, knackered and 2km’s to go. To the wild boys, it’s been a honour to share your presence and time.



  • Boesmanskloof: A relatively easy multi day hike. The basic route is a 2 day event, but it can be combined with Landroskop/Shamrock for a 3 day extravaganza. I’m calling it relatively easy as the elevation displacement is not that severe and it comes in at ~25km’s for both days. Perfect for building up strength when carrying heavier packs in preparation for more straining multi day adventures. It took us about 4hours of walking a day. Bookings have to be made with Cape Nature for the huts.

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