In the undertones of Aeneas’ journey beyond the Gates of Hades into the Underwold, we journeyed beyond the foreboding Road of Suspension Destruction. Such was the extent of our plight that no cellphone signal could reach our outpost (network related issue). Such was the gravity of our isolation that only 3 days of festivities would […]

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Renegade Pump Track Master

Out there, in the lessor known upper Sedgefield valleys, some humble folk are building an expanding zig zag of suspiciously flowing single tracks that cut through the (indigenous?) forests. Now the way these things work is that any buck can start cutting some lines through a piece of land, but eventually these lines start generating […]

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The earth has circumvented our star and the numbers start anew. Repetition or reincarnation? Unlike the phoenix, our sense is not new, merely altered and in continuation. Somewhere out there, beyond an especially suspension crunching road, lies a place where logical lines reach out into the totality of nature. Each serving it’s own function, to […]

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