In the undertones of Aeneas’ journey beyond the Gates of Hades into the Underwold, we journeyed beyond the foreboding Road of Suspension Destruction. Such was the extent of our plight that no cellphone signal could reach our outpost (network related issue). Such was the gravity of our isolation that only 3 days of festivities would suffice to rejuvenate our bodily senses.

And ho! Did we emerge ever the richer. For a man cannot buy a meal prepared by his friends, nor can he charge the laughter he finds among those close to his heart and he cannot repay another who opens up his house. No my friends, here we walk on hallowed grounds, things that will not find sufficiency in words.

I do believe we missed the new years count down and then went for a midnight swim on shallow reefs, but I never suggested I was in charge of this operation…


There’s a song sung in the rolling hills of Africa during the dwindling afternoon hours, best to wet a line during this final act.


Laid back moods, initially. The house pictured is located close to the Southerly tip of Africa and is available through the Agulhas National Park (see Lagoon House).


Celebrating the ridiculous summer weather with a fitting tribute to the memories of 2015.


Myself and my uncontrollable flatmate considering the various ways to excel at impromptu photo-shoots and not falling into the jacuzzi.


If you look closely you can see a little kayak drifting out at sea, which happens to be our fishmonger mate catching fish for the following day.


It’s definitely not your normal beach. But mates, isn’t that the way of things? Sometimes we need not the normal, rather the reward that we can thrive in the unusual.


Having time to unwind is a joy to be savored, replenishing what has been expended to move us to where we are.


Maybe it’s fitting that the image of setting sun featured so many times in my photo’s. Whether we care or not, the general mood shifts at the end of a year. The time we allow ourselves to contemplate the events that have passed give us a sense that much will still come. That there are many more avenues to wade through. For all it’s hardships, there are deep joys.


For a moment we were there, then we were gone. Thank you, you strange lot. You too, Blackhand. Harhar


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