El Dorado

The dark side of El Dorado spawns from the corruption that creeps in with the promise of untold wealth, unhinging the psyche’s attraction to personalize unconquered wealth. To build a wall and use wealth to enslave others, only written about between the lines.

Yet there is a light side to the mythical city that never existed. The potency with which myth can invigorate the soul to adventure. The mysterious fellows that appear along the journey. The movement from safety to the unknown.

Danger and risk remain a factor in all endeavours. In essence we aim to tread the line between that and safety, but it’s not always possible. There is a time for us all to fall down and experience that recovery is a slow process which requires a modicum of patience and resilience.

To find El Dorado, you must be willing to risk, even so the search continues to this very day.


Local scholar enjoys a well deserved break after earning a PhD, although mother nature has no respect for our academic records and inflicts wounds to match our enthusiasm.


Muse finds joy in old habits and wide spaces, along the undercurrent of time woven textures.


The ocean drew me in while I was recovering, a perfect mixture of weightless floating and salty safety to regain movement from.


As good a place as any to consider the ramifications of an unstable time. A thank you to the wounded mate pictured for driving me around and providing entertainment during a fairly lackluster period.


At the water’s edge mates, there we are closer to home than anywhere else.


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