As yesterday closes itself with your eyelids, remembrance will be your only embrace therewith. Such will be the loosening thereof that it will be like sea sand clasped in your fist, trickling through every gap. You can clasp tighter, keep the last bit of sand there. That tension will remove you, take you away from […]

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From the crucible of an everlasting dream we fill our imagination with ever more achievable dreams. As the dreamĀ theaterĀ of the child haphazardly morphs into that of an adult, the core thereof never changes. The dream is merely required to adhere to an ever increasing set of parameters. These limitations are learned with experience and incorporated […]

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Day turns to night, Fire to ash, Sunshine to moonshine, Spin spin spin, You are already there, Just around the corner… In the outer rim of mechanical voodoo-land. It’s really enjoyable seeing people bomb down a mountain, where endurance counts for little and sensitivity and skill take a pioneering role. Eyes serve a singular function […]

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