From the crucible of an everlasting dream we fill our imagination with ever more achievable dreams. As the dream theater of the child haphazardly morphs into that of an adult, the core thereof never changes. The dream is merely required to adhere to an ever increasing set of parameters.

These limitations are learned with experience and incorporated slowly. The adventurer is bogged down, not only by his ambition, but by his own inability to accept new found parameters. A struggle is born. The man never wants to betray the boy he was, but the boy can no longer function in the paradigm he is now versed with.

This homeostasis can survive perpetually, but life will challenge it consistently. Until the dream is forgone for actual life, there will be an unwillingness to embrace maturity.


Such is the vistas of Africa that a part of you is ever drawn here. Here the mountains were before us and will be long after us. We simply spectate, appreciate.


Our little dramas and joys play out around the hills, but interaction with nature creates explosive crescendos that permeate all facets of our lives.


Lets us not be a generation that hides away.


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