The mercurial nature of blending currents, that super-stream together to form the trunk of confidence, are easily manipulated to create a masterpiece among the ruins. Fascination with the inner craftsman requires increasing inner maintenance, a counting of the pennies, a pauper at the palace. A rustle in the wild shrubbery on the edge of the veranda goes unnoticed.

And so we will never see it coming right at us. A serving that any pretender must one day face, the hard hitting punches of life. A vicious connection that will surpass all the cumulative bullshit parameters of our collective paradigm extraordinaire. A savage reckoning of our inner sanctum’s external representation.

Shall we take the blow and collect ourselves or lie on the floor and point finger at the unfair nature of things?


Take them as far as you can


As fast and wild as you can


Into whatever unorthodox anarchy you find


Standing tall

Trails cycled:
  • G-Spot – An old school trail built by some enthusiastic locals. It’s basically a 5 minute sprint down a gloriously fun trail above Dalsig, Stellenbosch. It is a bit of a stand alone feature in the area, but you can link up your ride with the singles in Eden or the new cross country track built by Stellenbosch University above Coetzenburg. Definitely worthwhile if you are in the area as it’s free, good for a weekend when you factor in the trails around it and that Jonkershoek is right around the corner.

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