You can enter a state of motion at any time, but you will have to stop at some stage. You can never enter a state of perpetual movement that is healthy in any sense, but you can enter states of total movement. Momentary escapades that surpass the actual thought of doing, were action leads out in front of the mind and you are given a glimpse of the limits of your thinking machine. The glimpse is the key and the verbalization thereof is more masturbatory than of any profound worth, at the maximum the expression provides a sliver of insight.

Energy is given a chance when you dissolve, a chance to break free from the tattoos, dogmas and history. It’s an indestructible flowing that can only be holed up, tamed by a cage, but never destroyed. Give it a chance and you will, sure as day turns to night, be burned to the ground and from those ashes something new will arise. What we have built up must be turned to nourishment first and from that something fresh will grow. That growth is energy, re-expressing itself, finding new forms that are not constrained.

Once you are aware that it will perpetuate, who knows…


 Sunday fun loops, learning and finding new ways towards confidence.


Watching the boys trying new things and pushing themselves has become a part time fiesta, until the inevitable uphill sprints start hahaha.


Getting lost with pops in downright outrageous locations.

Trails cycled:
  • G-Spot – An old school trail built by an enthusiastic local. It’s basically a 5 minute sprint down a gloriously fun trail above Dalsig, Stellenbosch. Named rather affectionately, albeit with a not so subtle pun, after Gordon the trail builder. It is a bit of a stand alone feature in the area, but you can link up your ride with the singles in Eden or the new cross country track built by Stellenbosch University above Coetzenburg.
  • Jonkershoek – Often touted as the origin of Stellenbosch’s love affair with single track. A boner inducing valley cut into the virgin mountains with fairly easy winding jeep track to climb up those beautiful buttocks until your lungs are close to climax before bombing down her scintillating curves. Regardless of your orientation you are bound to found yourself attracted, already scheming another date as you leave her treasured gates. Meet her, date her, marry her (does periodically burn down leaving the valley a barren wasteland – kinda like most relationships).

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