All things have their own texture and the less physical these matters are, the more intricate is the weave of the fabric. There are textures in our relationships with other people, a distinct feeling that goes deeper than skin, that can be felt in between all the ups and downs. Made malleable by our interactions, formed and shaped into fizzy energy. Crafted with input from both sides, wholly unique. Good and bad, fault lines and volcanoes.

There are textures I won’t ever experience personally, just pass by and observe. In the greater scheme, all things revert back to zero. Poof, gone, absolutely trace less. For a moment we can soar to an incredible height with those around us. The fear of flying should never tether you to the ground, because that will keep you restricted, safe and comfortable. When you encounter a soaring crescendo like that, take a moment and cherish the gift.

Alexander says hope springs eternal and maybe he is correct, but these sisters carry a bit of eternity between them. A connection that can only be realized when their eyes meet those of each other, for a moment you are aware of something sacred. These two will sail themselves through the darkest nights and leave a mark on all who were lost at sea.


If all the days of summer


Were such as you


Then all the world would wonder


Wherever did we put




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