Man is in need of god wherever he goes. He has denounced god so fervently that he has created anti-god, an even more susceptible affair of degrading morals and endless rhetoric.

Our greatest incarnation of this need is our desire for governance. Wherewith we trust the collective known as government, spearheaded by the supreme ruler, to impose its governing philosophy. To abandon the political protocol is to be lost, to have no rock from which to launch an attack. Our zeal for government is an unexplored spiritual dimension. Our woeful attempt to escape its all influencing oversight a cheap pilgrim’s trick.

We must find ourselves on the political rainbow, establish our ideals and attempt to usher in a new form of governance. Our shackles to the past must be cast aside, for the victim and the victor now cling to these bonds as if they were prized possessions. Our injustices must be buried so the earth can dismember them, because these distinctions are dragging with them a new era of Utopian socialism that aspires to Venezuelan ideals.

We must build a society whose temple is held strong by the pillars of controlled capitalism, private property, freedom of speech and deep compassion for our fellows. A society where the richest man is no longer hiding from the poorest man, but where he extends a governing hand and promotes the dignity and standard of living of that man beyond what he thought capable. Where the rich bend down and educate the poor, so that they may gain the satisfactory dimensions of humanity. Where one generation prepares the fields of society, so another generation may reap the bounty.


Ours is a land to be proud of, to be inspired from


Let us draw inspiration from what we have experienced, not what we wish to experience


And then manifest inspiration


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