At its core, most pursuits are an intuitive attraction to being in a state of play. Seeing others tap into that youthful flamboyance gives us a kindling of joy, even though we aren’t into the same disciplines. It’s a refreshing embrace of both nature and our natural instincts.

Competition is in most instances healthy. I say in most instances because an obsession with competing and over performance can become a repellent, rendering our joys into a machismo display of self-worth. You want balance so that the motivating forces of fun are intertwined with the personal enrichment of competition.

Playfulness implies creativity, finding new thought patterns that refresh the brain. Embracing states of unknown and discovering our own originality.


Trying some lines down a rocky shute.


Different angles, different ideas. You’d think it would get repetitive dropping the same shute, rather it just gets more hilarious as the confidence grows.


Further down, full gas corner approach.


Forest hucks over the floaty table.


Different techniques over the large table.


Fucking around to try and get the speed and air combo to clear the table.

Trails cycled:
  • Helderberg – Spread across the steep slopes of Helderberg, Somerset West, is an elaborate snakes and ladders like mishmash of altitude heavy trails. Offering some of the best downhill and enduro trails in the Western Cape, means that the spirit of speed thrives on this dusty slope. The trail builders have also catered to those looking for a good XC ride with some well-prepared dishes. All in all, this is a pristine location if you enjoy riding a bike with panorama views of the Cape in your periphery. Remember to pack your quads.

Bikes used:

  • Giant Reign 2013 – My trusty steed with the yellow venom bars. A very capable bike all round bike, that weighs enough to sink most freight liners. Currently running more parts from the Orient than Marco Polo himself managed to smuggle – hence she has been redubbed the Frankenstein.

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