Currently considering aspects of ergonomics and the coupling of erogenous organs. The relative unimportance of solving this trifling matter has caused an unhealthy abandonment of all other matters.


The new gen showing off


Flashy toys and XC bikes


Silky styles and sagging balls


New uniforms, new school


Same shit

Trails cycled:
  • Helderberg – Spread across the steep slopes of Helderberg, Somerset West, is an elaborate snakes-and-ladders like mish mash of altitude heavy trails. Offering some of the best downhill and enduro trails in the Western Cape means that the spirit of speed thrives on this dusty slope. The trail builders have also catered to those looking for a good XC ride with some well-prepared dishes. All in all, this is a pristine location if you enjoy riding a bike with panorama views of the Cape in your periphery. Remember to pack your quads.
  • G-Spot – An old school trail built by some enthusiastic locals. It’s basically a 3-minute sprint down a gloriously fun trail above Dalsig, Stellenbosch. You can link up your ride with the singles in Eden or the cross country track built by Stellenbosch University above Coetzenburg.



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