The Rascal

In time we walk many pathways, so much that the weathered sandals wrapped around our humble feet become so scruffy that even falling asleep becomes another labour. Along the road emerges a persistent awareness of an inexpressible desire that naturally wishes to manifest into the our ideology of freedom. Freedom remains a subjective idea, loosely defined even to ourselves for whatever reason.


Therewithin is our perpetuity. On the shifting sands of diversity, we build democratic kingdoms that are constantly at a tug-of-war with warring factions of differing ideologies of freedom and how to implement these ideas on a grand scale. The persistence of this interplay gives further credence to a persistent desire to withdraw therefrom. A metaphysical disconnect that is reflected in everyday life. Man grows tired of the constant bickering between differing factions and withdraws, allowing ideas that are not adequately scrutinised and resisted to be carried by their respective champions into the realm of massive public awareness, where it is only rejected once public disenchantment thereto forms.


We embark on journeys with an idea of our cherished end game. Movie trailers show the snippets of problems our heroes will face. We want to see the movie to see how our heroes resolve these seemingly deadly problems to attain their own end game, their self-realisation. However, we can go to painstaking lengths to avoid our own problems en route to the promised land. We laugh at Moses who required the intervention of a burning bush to give guidance, but we neglect that we turn to the metaphysical ourselves when success seems improbable. Our greatest concern is our own energy – a thought for another day.


In between these existential walkways towards nirvana, there are moments of supreme clarity, moments within which we feel an expanding connection with a collective that goes beyond our personal ideologies. A feeling emerges that connects to freedom in such an intimate way that it creates an ironic disconnect due to the inability to convey it beyond our personal consciousness. In these moments the rascal appears. An incarnation that has an enviable disregard for whatever you think and is able to surround itself with an intoxicating allure of magnetism.


The rascal is an opportunity to further break down decrepit ideas. It is a force of polarisation that takes us further, empowers us for future problems by reducing the mental load we impose on ourselves. We can fight the rascal, which will then become an obsession because our ideology will be outdated to effectively accept its wisdom. Or we can embrace it and find joy in a place we previously had not.


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