Economic models are constructed on the phenomena of scarcity and for good reason. These systems have been developed through time and have propagated themselves due to their superiority and the inability of other systems to match their ingrained reflection of the human psyche. See, scarcity promotes the valuation of an object or a skill due to the lack thereof. It functions well and promotes technological advancement to procure more scarce resources and then to some degree, that advancement drags the whole society with it. It creates an evolving system, not necessarily a fair one, but a massive perpetual collective.


The point being that due to the prevailing economic system, we are naturally hardwired to determine scarcity and to some degree to desire things that are scarce. This being a natural part of life, not some prime evil to be condemned. The drawback is that our vision becomes clouded, a bit murky, and we miss the duality, the other side of the coin – abundance. And abundance in this life, in this world, is truly, ironically, abundant. We should take notice and embrace that balance. That means an equal appreciation for scarcity and abundance. A keen eye that detects both and does not grope in the dark for only one side.


We need to acknowledge that within us, who we are, what we are, seems to the very opposite of scarcity. And our inherent abundance means we are able to share ourselves, our words, our work, our energy… Whatever there is, it seems that there is a possibility for it to multiply. To establish a rhythm, a release. And the phenomena becomes more spectacular because a release doesn’t stem the tide, it creates more of itself. Recreates and reinvents, ebbs and flows, washes high like the tide before it returns to low tide. Again the tide rises…




We can only tap it this thought personally. No one can pull it from you, maybe inspire the release, but not the actual action. That’s the beauty therein. Then it becomes possible to drive away from home to have some fun, to pick up some fools along the way. It becomes possible to become immersed in having fun. To enjoy something as an end in itself and not a means to an end. To see other excel and yourself hanging back, to have separate plans but engaging conversations.


And these are not ideas that require Einstein’s relativity to operate. Time is almost an inconsequential aspect thereof because this is a state that is within. The external unlocks it, but it does not create it – we do! It is ever present.


The very land that surrounds us seems to echo this. Filled with possibilities, almost overflowing with avenues to explore, constantly trying to infringe on the periphery of our senses. Trying to seduce us to grow into it. To be able to enter abundance and bring something therefrom back to the scarcity. Not to become addicted thereto, but to enter into it with nonchalance and then exit without withdrawal symptoms.


And once we become aware the world is overflowing with this we can become aware that our personal psyche has the same desire. The same aspects that can become unburdened. Psychological freedom to experience the whole spectrum. A fool thinks happiness can survive perpetually without sadness. So once you explore, you find there is space to move in both places, some abundance that can be shared with people, with the world or with yourself.


Scarcity implies a creative edge is required. Creativity implies there is an abundance of faculties available. Neither is an absolute, but movement between them creates freedom, a realisation that we are not confined. To remain on one side of the river creates only envy for the other side.




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