Currently considering aspects of ergonomics and the coupling of erogenous organs. The relative unimportance of solving this trifling matter has caused an unhealthy abandonment of all other matters. The new gen showing off Flashy toys and XC bikes Silky styles and sagging balls New uniforms, new school Same shit Trails cycled: Helderberg – Spread across the […]

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Stevenson: You can find out the hard way that you’re in the wrong sport. Like, a lot of these guys, what’s the reason that you fight? You have to ask them. If you ask the Diaz Brothers, what they do and what they’re good at? Fight. They love to fight. That’s what they do. That’s […]

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Nature is a fluid environment that has the ability to act as a time-piece. Contradictory ideas, but possible in the rhythmic ho-hum of our birthplace. While our little dramas play out, all around us are reminders that this is an extraordinarily old environment. Places where the forces of nature have clashed for millions of years […]

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At its core, most pursuits are an intuitive attraction to being in a state of play. Seeing others tap into that youthful flamboyance gives us a kindling of joy, even though we aren’t into the same disciplines. It’s a refreshing embrace of both nature and our natural instincts. Competition is in most instances healthy. I […]

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The combustible source engine from which recovery emanates often gives itself over to a recurrence, an idea refashioned by the lay days enforced by injury and illness. In the wallowing doldrums of reduced performance, the mind is given a chance to reassess, to reconfirm that the compass points correctly to a currently unavailable source of great […]

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From the smashing orbit of deconstructing flame a dusty plateau incarnates itself to provide a canvas for basic expression. Forced into solitude by the everlasting isolation carved by the mountain folds wrapped around its far reaching edges. Unable to grasp onto a firm ideology due to the sparseness of accessible anchorage and the relentless whip […]

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