Waar is die manne

Ons loop verskeie paaie in verskillende maniere en nie almal wat by die deur inloop gaan bly vir tee nie. Die passies verander en die verantwoordlikhede vergroot. Elke man wil sy eie huis bou, sy eie keuses maak en onafhanklik word. Lewe is van so aard dat jy nie daaraan kan klou nie. Om uitdagings […]

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Man is in need of god wherever he goes. He has denounced god so fervently that he has created anti-god, an even more susceptible affair of degrading morals and endless rhetoric. Our greatest incarnation of this need is our desire for governance. Wherewith we trust the collective known as government, spearheaded by the supreme ruler, […]

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All things have their own texture and the less physical these matters are, the more intricate is the weave of the fabric. There are textures in our relationships with other people, a distinct feeling that goes deeper than skin, that can be felt in between all the ups and downs. Made malleable by our interactions, […]

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Take a stroll inwards and find something that either excites you or frightens the sweet nectar of excitement into existence, something that wants to roam free. Even if you don’t find it, go back, risk a little normality. There are special walks to be taken, meanders that can whisk you on the rising swell of […]

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You can enter a state of motion at any time, but you will have to stop at some stage. You can never enter a state of perpetual movement that is healthy in any sense, but you can enter states of total movement. Momentary escapades that surpass the actual thought of doing, were action leads out […]

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In the moment we were introduced to our first hero, shortly thereafter another character strides onto the scene and for a moment the stage is his. The villain extraordinaire. Immediately noticeable was the troubling combination of a persona bent on a crumbling philosophy and a significant dose of self confidence, providing this misfit with the capability to conspire […]

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The mercurial nature of blending currents, that super-stream together to form the trunk of confidence, are easily manipulated to create a masterpiece among the ruins. Fascination with the inner craftsman requires increasing inner maintenance, a counting of the pennies, a pauper at the palace. A rustle in the wild shrubbery on the edge of the […]

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